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TEDxWilliamsport 2012

The theme for TEDxWilliamsport – “Breaking Through” figures to enable our Speakers to address:

  • the ways they have experienced breakthroughs;
  • significant breakthroughs that shaped our culture, history, art, etc.;
  • a breakthrough that went virtually unnoticed:
  • future breakthroughs they anticipate, etc.

Perhaps addressing questions such as:

  •  Are we at or approaching a breakthrough?
  • And if so, where?
  • If not, do we see one coming?

Speakers for TEDxWilliamsport 2012 are listed below in order of appearance.
Visit the speaker Biography Page for information on each of the speakers.

  1. Derek Cabrera, Cabrera Research Labs   – The 22nd Century Mind
  2. Laura Cabrera, Cabrera Research Labs   – Notes from the field
  3. Larry Flint, WASD   – Rescuing the reefs
  4. Isaiah McPherson and Samuel Williams, NEB HS   – A Missed Opportunity
  5. Roxi Hewertson, CEO, Highland Consulting Group   – Our Ripple Effect
  6. Jeff Zeiders, Mt. Lebanon SD   – Taking in the view from the Shoulders of Giants
  7. Bill Kelly, CEO, WVIA Broadcasting   – How this small town NEPA boy met Big Bird
  8. Lee and Rose Saville-Iksic, LTSD   – World Music with a Humanitarian Heart
  9. Knight Music – Performance of Hope in Harmony Music
  10. Ann House, Chef Hosch & Ann   – Brain Therapy: Light Touch Can Heal
  11. Summer Beretsky, Penn College   – Panic about anxiety
  12. Lauren Bryson, Penn College   – Underestimating Sources of Innovation
  13. Sean Farley, Guitarleys – A profession in passion

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